Increased rental prices causes misplaced vandalism at local realty office

Impacts of high rent in our community
Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 6:09 PM PST
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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) -A board now replaces this window of the Drakulich Realty office in Sparks after a brick was smashed through window with a bold message: “courtesy of the rent is too high party, when living kills us all.”

Realtor Adrian Drakulich, who discovered the vandalism on Saturday morning, February 20th said the vandalism is misplaced, as their real estate office doesn’t handle any property management.

Misplaced vandalism at Drakulich Realty
Misplaced vandalism at Drakulich Realty(KOLO)

“We don’t even have any tenants that we deal with,” said Drakulich. “Nobody that would be disgruntled about their rent this month or last month or anything else because all we do is help clients buy and sell homes and commercial property and land so we’re not directly linked in with the rental market.”

The pandemic has definitely put a strain on the housing and apartment industry.

Susy Vasquez, the executive director from the Nevada State Apartment Association said for now the current eviction moratorium and the influx of people will keep rental prices on the rise.

“There’s a lot of factors right now that are surely playing into people’s abilities to purchase homes,” said Vasquez. “I can tell you people certainly are not benefiting from the huge influx of people moving from the surrounding states.”

According to the Nevada State Apartment Association, the average rent for an apartment is $1,350 an $84 over the past year.

“Eighty four dollars isn’t a ton, considering what rental prices and rental rates were coming up, you guys were seeing really crazy rental increases year after year until development started again,” added Vasquez.

The Nevada State Apartment Association is predicting an 18 month stabilization and some relief with the possible decrease in rental rates throughout that time.

“I think there is a misconception that a very strong market where prices are going up is a huge benefit for realtors. Obviously increase in value is great for homeowners and equity which helps to sell expensive homes.” explained Drakulich. “But as an industry we really would love to have housing to sell people at all different levels, so we can help people become part of this community and so there’s challenges in a really strong market for us too.”

Drakulich said while it was an upsetting incident, he understands the growing frustration.

“I’m a realtor but I’m also a member of this community,” added Drakulich. “We’ve had an office here for over forty years so we all have friends and families struggling with the increase in rental rates, so I think we’re all feeling that as a community for sure.”

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