Woman records armed confrontation outside window, shouts at man to put down gun

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 9:01 AM PST
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STAMFORD, Conn. (News 12 Connecticut) – Startling video shows a dog walker holding a man in a hoodie at gunpoint, but police said the images are only part of the story.

The woman who shot the video – who didn’t want to show her face on camera – said she was working from home recently when she looked out the window and thought she was about to see her neighbor kill someone.

But detectives said the video can be misleading, and who they consider to be the perpetrator may surprise you.

“It was just almost like a standoff,” said the woman who shot the video. “They were staring at each other, nobody was moving. It was just a gun, and a man staring through the barrel of a gun.”

But she can’t forget what she saw.

“I knew I had to do something,” she said. “I felt very helpless at the moment. I started banging on the glass first, trying to distract the man, and then that didn’t work, so I opened my window up and started screaming.”

In the video, she can be heard shouting at the man to put down his gun.

“It’s almost like he had a moment of clarity, and he got his dog, he reeled his dog in. He started slowly backing up.”

But police said what she couldn’t hear or see was that it was Fitzroy Lyle, the man in the hoodie with the gun pointed at him, who was actually the aggressor.

“The victim was threatened,” said Stamford Police Captain Richard Conklin. “The party said he was going to shoot him and his dog, and made a motion inside his coat like he was going for a firearm.”

Lyle was arrested and charged with breach of peace and threatening, Stamford Daily Voice reports.

Detectives added it was not the first time Lyle targeted a dog walker in the area. The previous victims did not press charges.

“The good news is that we circled back, and we filled [the witness] in, as Paul Harvey would say, on the rest of the story,” Conklin said.

The witness said she’s relieved to get the whole picture.

“I almost, like, blacked out just from the shock if it,” she said. “I barely remember recording it, honestly. It was very traumatic for me.”

The investigation into the incident continues. A state’s attorney planned to review the case to see if additional charges are justified for either of the men.

The man with the dog had a permit for his weapon. Police believe he was likely justified in pulling out the gun.

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