Motorcycle safety classes back on schedule after theft

Three new motorcycles replace those stolen from safety program
Three new motorcycles replace those stolen from safety program(Ed Pearce)
Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 5:37 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Motorcycle safety classes at Truckee Meadows Community College usually fill up fast with both new riders and veterans refreshing skills, seeking a head start at D-M-V or a discount from their insurance company.

But this past year has presented some road blocks. The pandemic, of course, brought things to a halt, costing most of a year’s time--and not incidentally--income for a self sustaining program.

Then a month ago another blow.

Working in the middle of the night, thieves broke into the program’s storage container and one-by-one rode off with three of their motorcycles.

“It was just like getting gut kicked,” says the program’s manager Scott Alquist, “because I knew the impact on our students was going to be tremendous.”

He was in a bind. One way or the other he said, classes would be held, but with three bikes short, it would make things difficult.

So, the theft was a significant blow to this important safety program. But he got better news this week. Three new bikes to replace those stolen.

“I was in contact with the Nevada Rider program which is the main sponsor throughout the state of Nevada, and they had three that they were willing to provide me to replace the three that we lost. So, we’re back up to an optimal number of motorcycles again.”

Meanwhile the search for the missing motorcycles and the thieves continues. Like their replacements they are all Suzuki TU250′s, not a common bike, should be easy to spot and hopefully someone has seen them or knows something about the theft and will call police or Secret Witness which is offering a $750 dollar reward for that information.

Still, the theft remains a setback, the insurance deductibles added up to a year’s fuel expenses. But, with enhanced security measures classes start late next month. Alquist says the demand is there.

“I believe we have our first eight classes completely full with waiting lists.”

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