Local business and former hockey player excited about NHL in Tahoe

The NHL will hold two historic outdoor games at Edgewood.
Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 10:09 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Hockey fans across the world will look to Lake Tahoe this weekend as the NHL will hold two historic outdoor games at Edgewood Tahoe Resort. Although fans aren’t allowed, a Tahoe souvenir shop and former professional hockey player are excited about future possibilities.

The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority said the rink’s picturesque outdoor setting will show all the beauty of Tahoe. President and CEO Carol Chaplin said, “Some of the NHL staff have been here, I mean they know about Lake Tahoe, but they never actually been here.”

She continued, “So when we talk about the markets that are really passionate about hockey, I think we are reaching new markets across the country.”

Blue Pebbles souvenir shop said the NHL playing in Tahoe is all over social media and hopes it could impact tourism in the future. Owner Cassie Selders said, “This is an exciting event for Tahoe to host so we can hope it will continue to come back in the following years.”

Employee Krishell Sanchez hopes it can be an annual event like the celebrity golf tournament. Sanchez said, “Hopefully it brings a lot more attention to the town within the store and hopefully Tahoe gets more recognized as well.”

Former professional hockey player Mickey Lang grew up playing on the ice in Reno. Lang said NHL’s presence could open the eyes of a lot of people to what hockey has to offer.

“I think its huge. Hockey is growing like crazy. Obviously with the Golden Knights going to Las Vegas that’s huge and then we finally get an ice rink a beautiful facility after 16 years. I think it’s just another opportunity to play and be involved in a team sport.”

He added, “Sports fans in general, maybe the non-hockey fan that’s from this area, hopefully they will tune in this weekend and become full time hockey fans.”

Saturday the Vegas Golden Knights will face the Colorado Avalanche.

The Philadelphia Flyers will drop the puck against the Boston Bruins on Sunday.

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