Education committee examines change to social studies curriculum

Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 7:20 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Currently in Nevada public schools, there are core curriculum courses students must take to fulfill certain education standards. That includes social studies. Under that umbrella, history, geography, government and economics are taught.

But under Assembly Bill 19, that would change slightly.

Under government, civics would be included. Under economics, financial literacy. And multicultural education would also be included under the social studies heading.

Financial literacy seemed to get the most support for those who were in favor of the bill.

“What has changed? I am 37 years old,” said Anthony McTaggart with Anthem Inc. “Online banking, Venmo, fractional investing through Robinhood and Acorn,” he testified.

Multicultural education includes social justice, respective interaction, and the contributions of men and women of color and culture.

The exact course of study would be determined by each school district.

“Understand that through multicultural education we have the opportunity to teach Nevada students, who will be future Nevada citizens, the value of immigration and the benefits immigrants bring to Nevada,” said Sylvia Lacos with the Nevada Immigration Coalition.

The Nevada State Department of Education is supporting AB 19. While they say they worked with the homeschooling community, parents who testified against the bill say they were not consulted despite the fact, they say, they were lassoed into the new education proposal.

“We are the ones who can suggest changes to the core standards, not D.O.E,” said Katy Matteson, who is opposed to AB 19. “Which is why DOE should have consulted us, and ultimately rescinded when we reached out to them and declined the change,” she testified.

Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner said she received several calls from parents who home schooled their children wondering if their students could be exempt from the bill pointing out they are specifically mentioned in the legislation.

The Assembly Education Committee took no action on AB 19.

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