Have a Heart: Meet Shawna

Published: Feb. 8, 2021 at 9:36 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Shawna is a curious child with a penchant for learning.

Those who know her best describe her as resilient, full of compassion, kind, and caring. For those who don’t know her, Shawna’s personality will draw you in right from the start.

She is bright and loves to read. Her favorite genre is historical fiction because the stories transport her to a different time and place.

“I wondered what it would be like to live in the past,” she said. “When I was little, I thought it would be fun to live in Medieval Times, until I learned they had really bad plumbing issues.”

She dreams of going to college and exploring the world; Greece is on her bucket list.

“I love Greek gods,” she said. “And I just want to see what they looked like cause I’ve never been anywhere but the United States. Also they have pretty interesting traditions.”

According to Laura Bloom, Shawna’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer, the young teenager needs someone to help Shawna explore, even if it is in her own backyard.

“I think what Shawna has needed the most is to get out and see the world around her,” Bloom said. “She’s just capable of so much and she just needs parents who can show her what’s possible for the future.”

In the two years they’ve known each other Bloom and Shawna have gone hiking, they take art classes, and explore museums. Shawna loves museums, especially Native American exhibits since she is eager to learn more about her heritage.

And she’s always willing to try new things.

“One reason is because it helps me see what I want to be when I grow up,” Shawna said. “I recently learned I want to be a school librarian because A: I love books and B: I always want to help other people.”

For someone who has big dreams, Shawna has a surprisingly simple request when it comes to a family of her own.

“I would just want them to respect me and I’ll respect them. They don’t have to have a lot of money. As long as they understand me and I understand them.”

Shawna is available for adoption through the Washoe County Human Services Agency. For more information call (775) 337-4470 or email

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