Local daycare weathers COVID

Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 4:44 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It’s nap time here at the ABC Halo Childcare Center in Sun Valley.

“Nap time is special sweet time we are able to get things done,” says Angel Gordon, owner of ABC Halo Childcare Center.

Gordon along with her husband own the center. It’s been open for business for almost a year now. They’ve saved pictures of their ribbon cutting. A great announcement for the residents in Sun Valley because there are few child care options there.

“And then COVID hits, a week after I opened it all shut down,” says Gordon. Gordon says it wasn’t long before she and her staff were taking care of half of the children originally registered at the center. “I got very discouraged, almost in tears,” says Gordon.

With support and encouragement from her husband, Angel says she had to step up her game. Keep the kids safe, reassure the parents, and keep her staff up to date on the latest protocols.

It has meant parents must stop in the entry way and clean their hands with sanitizer. They cannot go past doors which go to classrooms. Beyond those doors, kids’ hands are washed, the bottoms of their shoes are disinfected.

Gordon says there are individual plastic totes where 5 days of the children’s clothes are stored.

“So, parents don’t get to take the clothes home. We wash everything here. And then we fold and put it back in their totes,” says Gordon.

It’s all for infection control. The kitchen is still in use. But the children don’t eat family style, rather they are served individually.

Gordon says she has not had to lay off any of her employees and is able to pay the bills. But as with just about everyone, it is getting tiresome.

“I am ready to say I did it. We have overcome it. And we can move past it,” she says.

Gordon says veterans helped make the daycare possible and they still continue to contribute. They perform maintenance at the center and just recently she received a bag of homemade masks for her staff all courtesy of local veterans.

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