Think Kindness spreading message virtually during pandemic

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 10:36 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Spreading kindness one simple act at a time. That’s the mission of Think Kindness, a Reno-based non-profit that has broadened its reach during this pandemic.

“Our goal is to at least infuse a little bit of positivity into this crazy environment that we’re dealing with,” said founder Brian Williams.

He’s doing that by moving his sessions online; holding them virtually, since his school assemblies have been halted this year by the coronavirus outbreak.

“Now we’re able to visit schools that normally wouldn’t be able to bring in speakers; they’re just located in super rural environments,” explained Williams.

These virtual assemblies also allow Williams to interact with multiple schools at the same time in different parts of the country, as they try to end bullying and build a better culture.

“I say with kindness, one plus one equals more than two,” added Williams. “When you do an act of kindness it creates a ripple that you’ll never get to see where that ripple ends, or to see it build into a title wave.”

It’s really important for kids to hear, especially during these uncertain times.

“We have to remind ourselves that despite all of the negativity that’s going on, there’s still good news out there,” continued Williams. “There’s still people out there wanting to make our world a better place.”

That includes a new project, called Charity University.

“Its a social entrepreneurship incubator for teens,” explained Williams. “So a teenager that has a passion to start a charitable project, a business, or even a non-profit organization, joins an online community of other teens just like them, where we give them coaching and inspiration to launch their projects.”

There’s already 40 teens that have signed up for the free initiative and started their own 501(c) organizations. They’re hoping to grow it into thousands of kids throughout the country, in hopes it will catch on, and give them even more in return.

“That’s the selfish part of kindness. It makes the person who gives it, usually feel better than the person who receives it.”

You can also help support Think Kindness by taking part in fundraiser. Raffle tickets are being sold for a new Tesla Model S. It was donated by a California-based group called the Buildsters. Tickets start at $1, and the drawing is Friday, January 15. You can get more information at the link below:

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