Sparks woman unable to get answers from DETR

Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 2:59 PM PST
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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) -- Sparks woman Jessica Slavin says she’s unable to get answers to basic questions from Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) about nine months after the pandemic forced thousands out of work.

Slavin says she lost her job as a kickboxing instructor when State restrictions resulted in her gym closing.

“When was your last day of work?” asked KOLO 8 Evening Anchor, Noah Bond.

“We closed in March when the gyms were closed, but I worked into April,” replied Slavin.

“Tell me about applying for unemployment benefits,” Bond.

“My account went into what they call pending resolution,” Slavin.

“What happened to that status?” Bond.

“One day in late September that pending resolution was gone. I never received my COVID bump or bonus and never could find out why,” Slavin.

“Your thoughts about that?” Bond.

“I never found out. I can’t ask anybody. I’ve tried to call multiple times and there is an hours upon hours of wait time,” Slavin.

“What is your number one question. What do you really want to know?” Bond.

“First and foremost why was I told initially that I could get their COVID pay, which I deserved, but then it just went away with no explanation,” Slavin.

“It has been 9 months roughly since the State shut down because of the Pandemic. DETR has had time to reform and restructure itself. Are you satisfied with where it’s at today?” Bond.

“I feel like this is a broken system. One of my co-workers was able to apply in a different state and has had zero problems. Zero delays. Nothing,” Slavin.

“Where are you at right now financially?” Bond.

“I know right now we’re living paycheck to paycheck off of my husbands income and that’s a scary thing to not have a nest egg anymore,” Slavin.

She says she closed on the home she’s now living in with her family in March only weeks before the pandemic forced her out of work.

“What would you like to say to DETR?” Bond.

“Get it together. At this point it’s been so long. Why can’t I talk to anybody? I just want to talk to somebody,” Slavin.

“Jessica, what would you like to say to Gov. Sisolak?” Bond.

“First of all I think Gov. Sisolak is in a horrible spot. I don’t wish his spot on anyone, but I don’t think that he is connected with the majority of the people in Nevada. I don’t think he sees what’s happening. I don’t think he sees the effects of all of the things that have happened,” Slavin.

Bond says he will continue sharing your stories until everyone who applied and qualifies for unemployment benefits because of the pandemic is paid.

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