Urban Roots gets quick fix for damaged Karma Box

A Karma Box in front of Urban Roots on Gould Street.
A Karma Box in front of Urban Roots on Gould Street.(Dan Pyke/KOLO)
Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 12:09 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - What started as a sad situation for a Reno non-profit quickly turned into a community effort that helped turn things around.

A Karma Box in front of Urban Roots at Second and Gould Street was damaged just after Thanksgiving. A witness reportedly saw someone break the legs on the box, along with the door.

It didn’t take long for people living nearby to notice the damage and chip in. Kelsey Hoffman, Garden Classrooms Coordinator with Urban Roots, says a man that lives up the street offered to help fix it.

“We didn’t know that we had a friend a block away who would be willing to come and take this on, to fix this. We’ve exchanged numbers. We know that we have some neighbors right here that are looking out for us and what we’re doing in the community,” she added.

The box was back in operation after just a few days. Urban Roots is currently working on building a bigger Karma Box to store larger items, like blankets and pet food. The organization would also like to add a small fridge for fresh produce.

If you have extra food or toiletries you’d like to donate click here to find the nearest Karma Box to where you live.

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