FISH revitalization program aims to renew workforce

Published: Dec. 9, 2020 at 6:10 PM PST
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) -From across the room, you can feel Sarah Krites boost of confidence and contagious smile...

“My life two years ago compared to what it is now, I am blessed completely,” said Krites.

However, this wasn’t the case last year, Krites was struggling to make ends meet before FISH stepped in.

Sarah Krites, FISH client
Sarah Krites, FISH client(KOLO)

“A year ago, September is when we pushed her into this program,” said FISH executive director Jim Peckham. “She started the classes a month earlier than anybody else and finished before anybody else because we saw that in her and knew she would be a good candidate for that.”

While FISH or ‘Friends in Service Helping’ provides food, shelter and clothing to those in need, the organization is adding another layer to their mission.

“The important thing for us is to help people who are unemployed and to be able to see they have the work ethic, the motivation and the academic skills,” added Peckham.

The organization’s new program aims to revitalize families, the job force and our community.

“When the program was first offered to me, I couldn’t believe that they were willing to pay for my schooling and all of my bills and give me a part time job so i would have money in my pocket,” explained Krites.

The goal is simple: lending a helping hand for clients to get a degree, helps renew our workforce which boosts our economy.

“We have people interacting with them weekly and at Western Nevada College where classes have been held are working with them,” said Peckham. “We’re helping them and building their momentum and getting tutors in to help with some challenge areas.”

FISH not only help clients with bills, but with medical aid and houses clients during the program at the Whistle Stop, located across the street from the FISH building.

FISh is also looking to revamp the Whistle Stop property to accommodate more people and hopes fundraising will help make it all happen.

“I kept asking whats the catch and Jim informed me that they would rather invest this much in me over the next year than have become a client for the next 12 years,” added Krites. “It all made sense in my head when he said that.”

Now employed at Click Bond, Krites hopes to move up in the company.

Krites success and FISH’s efforts is a prime example of what the state hopes to achieve, as agencies look to roll out similiar programs across Nevada.

“Because my kids are older, and they see me working they are just so proud of me,” said Krites.

If you would like to learn more about FISH or donate, click here.

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