Dog saved from euthanasia delivers big surprise

Published: Dec. 8, 2020 at 8:44 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Palomino Valley Pet Rescue Founder Terri Braunworth was reminded that looks can be deceiving when she rescued a husky from a kill shelter in Merced, California.

The husky’s name is Maya. She’s a little skittish.

“Maya was picked up as a stray and she was at risk to be euthanized because she’s afraid. She’s a nervous dog so she’s afraid of people,” Braunworth.

She was taken to the animal shelter in Merced, California.

No one wanted to adopt Maya because she cowered in the corner and was anxious when people approached her.

“It was either an abuse case or someone wasn’t very nice to her or she was just left in the yard to fend for herself,” Braunworth.

One day from euthanasia, a Palomino Valley Pet Rescue representative picked her up and took her to the Bark House at 860 East Greg Street in Sparks.

After a few days there Bark House workers say Maya started acting strange.

”They didn’t know that she was pregnant at the shelter. So she gave birth to seven cute little puppies,” Braunworth.

“There were no signs?” asked KOLO 8 Evening Anchor, Noah Bond.

No signs. It was a surprise,” replied Bark House Manager, Michelle Devinny.

Seven puppies were born.

Saving Maya saved the puppies too.

The focus is now on Maya’s rehabilitation.

“She’s making a 100 percent turn around from when she first came in. I mean when she first came in she wouldn’t eat. She wouldn’t turn around in her kennel. She just hid in the corner,” Braunworth.

”We go into a room and we may sit 30 minutes at a time at a setting and just rub her, pet her, keep her calm. She knows my voice now so she’s not as timid,” Devinny.

Workers are also preparing her puppies for adoption.

“They’re fun to kiss. (she kisses the puppy in her arms) Ha ha!” Braunworth.

They’ll be ready for adoption Saturday, Dec. 12.

Each puppy will cost $325. The money will pay for microchipping, spay or neutering, and all vaccinations. Click here to request one of the dogs seen in this report.

The father of the puppies is suspected to be either a Rottweiler or Australian Shepherd so they will grow to either be 40 or 100 pounds.

Palamino Valley Pet Rescue is searching for Maya’s foster home. The ideal family is familiar with huskies and nervous dogs. To apply for this position call 775-358-5527 and ask for Terri Braunworth.

The goal is to socialize her in preparation for a forever home.

Braunworth says she will make a great dog that can be totally engaged and relaxed around a family. She says it will just take some time to help her feel safe and secure again.

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