Local group makes burritos to feed homeless

Published: Nov. 27, 2020 at 7:01 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Reno Burrito Project is keeping the homeless and less fortunate fed, one burrito at a time. Blaize Abuntori says the idea came to him after he bought and gave away a couple burritos from Roberto’s Taco Shop.

“Within a few minutes, I handed out all the burritos,” said Abuntori. “I felt happy, but sad that it was only four burritos. That’s when I thought to cook the burritos.”

Thus, the Reno Burrito Project was born. It started with Abuntori and a few others. Now there are dozens who help out.

He says he never imagined so many people would pitch in to help and, “it’s just beautiful to see how the community has shown up and has helped and I’m just humbled.” He added he was, “thankful for everybody who is supporting this dream.”

The Reno Burrito project gets together every Sunday. First, they accept donations from the community. That includes tortillas, water, and even rice. Then they spend a substantial amount of time cooking and preparing the burritos. Once that’s done, they hit the streets. Walking down to the old bus station, then to the believe sign, and then along the river.

Along the way, they hand out burritos, water, and anything else they have to everyone they come across. It’s important to members of the group to keep the homeless and less fortunate fed, but it’s equally as important to talk with them.

Nicola Ader, The Reno Burrito Project’s Director of Operations and a Track and Field star at Nevada, says their, “main goal is to spend time with the homeless people and people in need. Figure out what their needs are and to provide them with those items.”

In doing this, Ader says they’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the community and those they’re trying to help.

“They’re really appreciating what we are doing,” Ader said. “We try to get to know them so that we can try to approach them next time. We’re always trying to have good conversations so we know what they need. It’s incredible. We get such good feedback.”

The Reno Burrito Project is growing quickly, and Abuntori has big aspirations for the group. His goal right now is for the project to become a non-profit.

“We just don’t hand out burritos, we ask people how their day is and we have discussions,” Abuntori said. “And we feel like these discussions can actually create solutions that really matter to the people that we are serving. And we want to use those kind of communications to build something that is sustainable to this community.”

If you want to help out the Reno Burrito Project, you can reach out to them over Facebook and Instagram, or by going to clicking here.

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