KOLO ATE: Josef’s Vienna Bakery & Cafe

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 9:15 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Josef’s Vienna Bakery & Cafe has been a local favorite since it opened back in 1980, keeping the same type of food and atmosphere, even under new management.

“It was important to keep Josef’s what it is,” said co-owner Arlene Pierott. “It is a landmark in Reno.”

It’s almost like two businesses under one roof, with a full upscale bakery on one side, and a restaurant on the other; serving up food with a German twist.

“A lot of our recipes are from Germany since Josef was from Vienna,” added Pierott.

That’s Josef Pasa, the namesake and founder of the restaurant & bakery. He has since passed away, with the new owners taking over with the blessing from his widow Sonia. And a pledge.

“That’s one promise that we made to her, that everything was going to be the same,” said co-owner Luis Pierott.

There’s no reason to change things when the place is this unique and beloved. It’s been named the “Best of Reno” multiple times, and has been featured in Via Magazine, Bon Appetite and Macy’s Magazine. They offer unique breakfast scrambles with spaetzle mixed in, and french toast made from homemade baguette bread. Plus, goulash and other lunchtime staples.

“We don’t take shortcuts, we make everything from scratch,” said Arlene Pierott. “All of the bread we use at our cafe is baked in our bakery.”

The bakery is a destination year round, serving up cookies, breads, pastries and deserts. With special seasonable offerings, like Halloween and Christmas-themed treats. They also make specialized cakes that were even featured in the Hollywood movie “It’s Complicated” starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.

“We don’t use any oil in our cakes. We use real butter, we crack the eggs. We use only the best ingredients and we make sure all of our ingredients are fresh,” explained Arlene Pierott.

It’s a place that has a loyal customer-base, with some dating back the full 40 years.

“It is fun to see pretty much a lot of locals. And a lot of new customers and a lot of old customers,” added Luis Pierott. “And they come here like every day.”

Josef’s Vienna Bakery & Cafe is located at 933 West Moana Lane in Reno. You can find more information at the link below.

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