Eric Trump makes Reno campaign stop

Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 5:47 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - With one week to go, both presidential campaigns signaled Nevada remains in play making competing stops in Reno Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

As Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke elsewhere in town, President Trump’s son Eric rallied supporters at the Atlantis Hotel Casino.

The gathering of approximately 160 enthusiastic supporters was, unlike some recent rallies, socially distanced in one of the hotel’s convention ballrooms, an adjustment which was commented on with regret by both President Trump and Nevada campaign co-chair Adam Laxalt.

That aside was the only reference to the coronavirus during the event, but the president’s son hit most of the other expected talking points saying his father had left the world of business because of the incompetence he saw in Washington. He touted the president’s support of police, the military and accomplishments including the recent steps toward peace in the Middle East and he cast the election as a stark choice between what he termed traditional American values and “the radical left.”

“This isn’t Democrat vs. Republican. This is right versus wrong. This is right versus wrong. If JFK was alive tonight he’d be right there with you guys. He’d be right up front. This radical left is scary. They are scary what they stand for as a party.”

He mentioned that he and his siblings are making a lot of appearances in the closing days of the campaign working hard for their father though they are regularly lampooned on late night comedy shows.

“Despite the clean lifestyle that we lead we wake up every morning and get punched in the face, but we keep on fighting because we love this country.”

He took aim at Joe Biden for what he termed a lack of accomplishment in 47 years of public life and questioned the record of the Vice Presidential candidate appearing across town.

“If she was so effective at what she did, why is San Francisco, they’ve got the highest taxes, the highest crime, the highest drugs, the highest homelessness? Other than that it’s a beautiful city.”

Trump left Reno for another appearance later in the day in Las Vegas.

The most recent polls show his father trailing Biden in Nevada, but he predicted victory here next week.

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