Governor Sisolak’s eviction moratorium expires, federal protections remain in place

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 4:52 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Months of rent could be due as early as midnight on Thursday as landlords around the state of Nevada get the green light to evict tenants.

Governor Steve Sisolak extended a moratorium on certain evictions on August 31. That 45 day window is set to expire.

“Renters still have the potential protection of the CDC’s notice against evictions that lasts through December," said Reno Housing Authority’s Brent Boynton.

Renters could buy themselves more time to pay what they owe up until this point if they qualify.

The first step is to pick up and sign a declaration to give to the landlord. Renters can get the forms at the Reno Housing Authority, online, or from the CDC. But there are a handful of ways renters will not qualify for an extension until 2021.

Exclusions include if the renter violated their lease for reasons other than rent payments, if they are a criminal, or have not tried to get rental assistance. CHAP funds also come into play.

“That is an acronym for the Cares Housing Assistance Program," Bonyton said. "If you are behind in your rent, if you have lost income because of COVID-19, you have less than $3,000 on hand and you meet certain income requirements then we could actually pay the back rent that you owe.”

CHAP funds could take weeks to process, according to Boynton. Your landlord is also involved. CEO of Nevada Realtors, Teresa McKee, said government agencies can help out landlords.

“(Those agencies) are providing some relief in terms of not foreclosing during this time period, or foregoing those payments that put them at the end of a loan.”

Only a small percentage of our population faces eviction because of payment discrepancies, added McKee.

Renters are still liable to pay the money they owe over this pandemic in full.

Here are all the options available:

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