KidScape Productions prepares for annual play amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has forced campers and staff to get creative while following directives.
Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 9:49 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - As the fall break comes to a close campers with KidScape Productions are getting ready to perform their annual play. The coronavirus pandemic has forced campers and staff to get creative while following directives.

Normally, KidScape Productions performs in high school theaters, but campers will host their play at the parking lot of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Northwest Reno.

The kids have been practicing all week for their Scooby Doo performance on Friday. Instructor Sadie Ward said, “It’s different than any Scooby Doo episode I have seen, so I am really excited because it’s not something people have seen before.”

Their production is much smaller this year. Ward said, “We had to cut it down to twenty and just cap it out there." She continued, "So we haven’t been able to do such large performances that we usually do.”

Ward said with less enrollment this year campers are taking on more roles. “We have a bunch of scenes, they have like thirteen scenes, I’m in a couple of scenes, I am a couple of people, so we switch out during the scenes,” said Gabriel Ruvalcaba.

The campers are used to the social distancing, temperature checking, and sanitizing, but they said the masks present a new challenge.

Max Harper said, “I think it’s different because facial expressions, you can’t do it as much, you have to use more open body language.”

Although its fall break they’re learning a lot. Harper said, “I’m mainly taking away just adapting with the difference and also learning to project through the mask.” Juno Wozniak said, “I get to learn how to speak clearer and how to speak in front of people.”

“I think it helps teach resilience and the ability to adapt and I think it’s really important,” said Joel Harper.

Only close family and friends can attend the performance. Organizers said the audience has to bring their own chairs, sit in small groups, and wear masks.

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