President Trump invites Reno business owners to White House

Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 3:59 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Two men who own a Reno based business received a special invitation to the White House this week.

President Trump is using their business and clothing line known as Curly Wolf to represent Nevada at his “Buy American and Hire American” event.

“What was your reaction when you first saw the invitation?” asked KOLO 8 News Now Evening Anchor, Noah Bond.

“Once we got it the reaction was very grateful, very excited,” responded Curly Wolf Co-Owner, Collin Bernard.

“What are you going to say to President Trump?” Bond.

“Thank you for the invitation and allowing us to represent the great state of Nevada,” Bernard.

His partner and Curly Wolf Co-Owner Christian Webber talked with Bond over the phone from Gilbert, Arizona where he is earning a law degree. Bond asked him why he thinks the White House chose his business to represent Nevada.

“We work to develop and show the identity of the whole style of Nevada and we’re young. I think we’re ready to display what our State is all about.” said Curly Wolf Co-Owner, Christian Webber.

Their clothing line called Curly Wolf is all about the west. It was launched in December of 2019.

“What does Curly Wolf mean?” Bond.

“Curly Wolf is a tough objectionable character. It’s a term derived from the wild west and it’s a fearless individual,” Bernard.

“How deep are your roots in Nevada?” Bond.

“Sixth generation,” Bernard.

He says his great-grandfather was the warden for the Carson City Jail.

“Did your grandfather tell you anything generally speaking about your great-grandfather?” Bond.

“Just that he was a very loving individual, but also very tough,” Bernard.

“Is that reflected in the clothes in any way?” Bond.

“The hard work is,” Bernard.

“How do you want people to feel when they put on your clothing?” Bond.

“Confident. Very confident. That’s what Curly Wolf’s all about, inciting confidence,” Bernard.

“Why do you think the White House chose your business. Out of all the businesses in Nevada, yours was chosen. Why do you think that is?” Bond.

“Not only for the western themes, but to see that the younger generation is the new wave. We’re the next generation,” Bernard.

Their trip to Washington D.C. begins Thursday, October 1.

Bernard and Webber will meet President Trump October 5.

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