The Reno Gleaning Project looking to harvest local fruit trees

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 5:29 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Fruit trees can be a big project for any local homeowner. Sometimes picking the fruit can become so overwhelming it can go to waste.

Each year however, there is a solution for fruit tree owners which they can feel good about.

Pamela Mayne heads up The Reno Gleaning Project. For years Mayne and her volunteers have helped local homeowners with their fruit trees. Those who physically can’t do the job call the Reno Gleaning Project. Once the fruit is picked, the Gleaning Project donates it to local organizations who distribute to the needy.

“And we still want to save as much fruit as we can and we feel the community needs it more than ever,” says Mayne.

Mayne says while her program has been going on for years, this year the coronavirus has changed a couple of things.

Large corporations are not volunteering to pick fruit this year. And Mayne delivers the fruit a little differently. But there was a major plus she says.

“It has been a very interesting year, you know,” she says. “With people at home for COVID, they were able to water their gardens and take care of their gardens in the early season, so we saw a lot of benefits to that,” says Mayne.

Her group is picking fruit now as the heat has meant apples are unripe yet still falling to the ground. Birds looking for food are also feeding on them, and those apples cannot be given to charity. Collecting fruit now helps solve those problems

But Mayne says they are also picking plums, peaches, and pears which are in abundance this year locally.

Taking care of the trees and the fruit they produce now will also keep bears and scavengers from coming into neighborhoods.

Last year as a Pillar Partner with KOLO Cares, The Reno Gleaning Project was able to gather 11,000 pounds of fruit.

Mayne says she’s always trying to better previous year’s take--even if only by a pound.

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