The Road Ahead with RTC: Pavement Preservation Project

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM PDT
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SPONSORED - The RTC’s goal is to apply the most cost-effective treatment to the right pavements at the right time to minimize pavement-life-cycle costs and maximize serviceable pavement life.

If you think about your home – it’s easier to fix a few holes in your roof and keep it in good condition than it is to wait until the leaks ruin your flooring, your furniture and your belongings. That’s exactly what this program is about – keeping things in good condition to keep repair costs low. It is six to 10 times cheaper to properly maintain streets than to allow them to fail and pay for costly reconstruction treatments.

In addition to keeping roadways maintained and in good condition, part of this process includes potentially narrowing travel lanes, adding bike lanes, and in some cases, eliminating travel lanes. These things make road travel safer by helping slow traffic, reduce vehicle crashes and provide a safe space for other non-car users as part of the complete streets strategies.

As part of the pavement preservation process, the RTC also maintains data on index ratings for each regional road to track their life cycle over time. The RTC is making an investment of 18 million dollars to maintain regional roads and build new roads this fiscal year.

The RTC has a lot of road maintenance going on throughout our community. They recently completed projects in Washoe Valley, on Wingfield Hills in Sparks, near Legends in Sparks, and more! The RTC will be doing about 200 lane miles of surface sealing and will be in a neighborhood near you soon!

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