Black Lives Matter, pro-sheriff demonstrators clash in Minden

Published: Aug. 8, 2020 at 7:43 PM PDT
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MINDEN, Nev. (KOLO) - A letter from the Douglas County Sheriff that was sent on Tuesday, July 28th to the County Library has stirred up plenty of controversies.

On Saturday, members of the Carson City Black Lives Matter movement hosted a demonstration and a counter-protest was held in support of Sheriff Dan Coverley and law enforcement.

Saturday morning, Sheriff Coverley said he was misinterpreted.

"My office has always supported everyone in the community, anyone that calls for help and is need of help, we will help them," Coverley said.

A thousand people showed up in support of the Sheriff and close to a hundred were present to support Black Lives Matter.

During the demonstrations, there was plenty of aggression, but there was not any physical violence.

Jerome Silas, one of the organizers of Saturday’s demonstration in favor of Black Lives Matter said he is not surprised by the comments of our Sheriff, it is just to know someone has finally publicly spoken.

"People will stand behind a statement more than they will stand behind the people who are affected by the said statement," Silas said.

Jim Wheeler, Nevada Assemblyman, was on hand to show his support for law enforcement. He claimed that he completely agrees with the letter sent to the library.

"There is no way in this world that this Sheriff will not respond to anybody, at any time, and that needs his help," Wheeler claimed.

Edmond Hannan a participant of the Support For Dan demonstration said the sheriff does not owe an apology because he is entitled to make those statements.

“The Black Lives Movement needs to understand that white people are not anti-black, but the government is trying to separate everyone in this instance..”

Marie Johnson is a farmer in Douglas County and she said that when she read the Sheriff’s statements she was disgusted.

“He threatened our library. These are my tax dollars that work here and I have to say I don’t accept,” Johnson said.

The conversations of racial injustice are far from over, but one thing is certain that the time for change is now.

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