Back-to-school distance learning shopping tips

Distance learning is difficult without internet service.
Distance learning is difficult without internet service.(WRDW)
Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 4:11 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - KOLO 8 Evening Anchor Noah Bond talked with a computer expert about the best distance-learning products he’s suggesting for parents on a budget.

He turned to The Computer Guy, which is a business a 611 Kuenzli Street. Computer technician Max Servi is revealing the products he's recommending to help you child get ahead while at home.

This is a broad overview, but you can find a detailed and specific list at the bottom of this online report. 

"We're looking for things that are going to be cost effective and are going to last awhile," said Servi. 

He says you should check off key requirements before purchasing a laptop. "Enough storage, enough ram, and enough processing power for kids to be able to multitasks," Servi. 

A laptop stand can help your child focus. 

"You don't want your neck straining at the ground the hole time so the laptop stand will bring that up to eye level," Servi. 

If you're shopping for a router he recommends the Ubiquiti Dream Machine."Parental controls so parents will be able to monitor their kids and their activity see the things they're doing. They'll also be able to control what things they're able to get to on their computer," Servi. 

Blue light glasses limit fatigue at the computer screen."The light emitting from your cell phone, from your desktop, from your laptop, all that stuff is going to provide that fatigue factor so these glasses and other glasses are designed to block that UV blue light," Servi. 

Virtual classes require web cams. 

"We're recommending at least a 1080 P 30 FPS camera that's going to give enough quality, chatting with teachers, stuff like that. Just plug it in with a USB," Servi. 

Headphones for around $30 can be a big help for students who will learn at home amid distractions. 

"So we're definitely recommending noise canceling headphones right now. With kids being at home and multiple kids being at home it's kind of hard to focus sometimes so having head phones where they'll be able to talk to their teachers and classmates while also blocking out all the noise in their surroundings definitely think it will help people focus right now," Servi. 

The right chair can help your child learn at home.

"A comfortable chair that's going to allow them to keep a good position and stay comfortable throughout the day," Servi. 

Learning math can be more challenging if your child doesn't have a keyboard to assist with this learning development. 

“We’re just definitely recommending the 10 key (it has the numbers on the right side of the keyboard) it’s just a faster way increase they don’t have a calculator since there area online calculators,” Servi. All of these products added up is under $1000, but you can get the bare basics for much less like the computer and web cam. 

Click here for a complete list of suggested back-to-school distance learning products. It was compiled by employees at a business called The Computer Guys in Reno.

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