Community members help turn tennis courts into pickleball courts in Carson City

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 10:28 PM PDT
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Coming together to make a difference.

The tennis courts at Mills Park in Carson City have seen better days.

“A group of us - a loose knit group - decided we wanted to do something about it,” said Dave Whitefield, an avid pickleball player.

Whitefield and his friends from the Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club took action by turning a couple seldom used tennis courts into pickleball courts for more than 30 people in Northern Nevada to use.

“This facility, when it’s open, will be open to the public so anybody in the area that wants to come play here is welcome to do so,” Whitefield said.

Reconstructing the playing surface won’t happen overnight. With the Carson City Parks Department in a bind for money, the funds needed to come from somewhere else in order to fund the project. Whitefield and his friends helped raise more than $15,000 for the project. The manpower to construct the new courts also came from the group.

“(This group) did all of this without tax payer money, or anything like that,” said Nick Wentworth, Carson City Parks & Recreation Project Manager. “(This initiative) was all private grassroots fundraising. It’s amazing to see.”

Private funding facility upgrades is not the norm but it is possible, Wentworth said.

“If (people) show that interest (in upgrading facilities), and show initiative that they want to come out and help the Parks Department make improvements we are totally open to that and we encourage it in every way,” he said.

The pickleball addicts are more than a week into their project. They will likely need a couple more weeks before the courts are ready to go. Then the real fun starts: getting to use their new court.

“It’s been a real community effort to make this (project) happen and we’re very thankful and grateful to everyone that’s participated,” added Whitefield.

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