New local restaurant opens during pandemic

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 9:02 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Opening a business at any time can be challenging, but imagine doing it during the Coronavirus pandemic.

That’s exactly what the Moreno family did when they opened Gloria’s Cafe on June 10, 2020. They had originally planned to open four months earlier, but the pandemic caused them to push back their opening

“We were looking for over two years to find a location and we finally found a location,” said Kimberly Moreno, the manager at Gloria’s Cafe. “We’re like, okay we’re going to get all the paperwork done as soon a possible and then boom, the pandemic happened.”

Opening was a huge obstacle the Moreno’s conquered, but the challenges didn’t stop there. The pandemic created some more unique problems.

“No one has really put a set of rules that you need to do this and that, or this and that for a business. They’re just like, make sure you don’t spread it or you’ll get in trouble,” said Kimberly.

While the staff has put a lot of effort into keeping the restaurant clean, they haven’t forgotten the importance of making great food and having good customer service. The owner, David Moreno, says doing a great job is the best way to reach the community.

For those thinking about starting a business during this tough time, David says patience in the key and, “if this is what they want, they really have to move forward.”

If you want to check out Gloria’s Cafe, you can find it on 2365 Dickerson Road.

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