Homeless and waiting on PUA payout

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 6:15 PM PDT
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STOREY COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) - KOLO 8 Evening Anchor Noah Bond was scheduled to meet with a woman outside ABC studio in Reno Thursday morning.

She was going to talk about waiting on Gov. Sisolak and Nevada's Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) to pay her pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) through the CARES Act, but she never made it to the station.

She was afraid to keep driving because her fuel tank gauge hit empty.

Bond drove nine miles and found her north of I-80 on a frontage road east of Independence Avenue.

As Bond walked up to her truck on the side of the road he said, "Why did you run out of gas? Is it a financial thing?"

"Yeah," said Ashley Greenleaf.

"How are your finances now? Are you totally out of money?" Bond.

"I have 70 cents in one account. I've overdrawn $2500 in another," Greenleaf.

"So this is the result?" Bond.

"Yeah," replied Greenleaf.

Bond tried to help her put gas in her tank with a half full container in the back of her trunk, but she didn't have the right equipment and it spilled down the side of her vehicle.

The two eventually drove their vehicles to a nearby gas station and then returned to the same place to start the interview.

“Ashley, we just returned from Chevron where a Good Samaritan put gas in your truck. He or she doesn’t want to be identified. How does it feel to get that kind of help?” Bond.

"It makes me feel good. I mean I would have done the same for other people. It lets me know that there's still good out there," said Greenleaf.

“Ashley you just told me you’re homeless. You’re living with friends right now. Would you have a place to stay if DETR has paid up on time?” Bond.

"Yes," Greenleaf.

“I do my taxes. I’m not frauding anybody and I just don’t get why if I’ve turned in everything I need to turn in, why I can’t get what the President said people in my position should be able to get,” Greenleaf continues.

“What do you think of Gov. Sisolak and the way he’s handling situations like yours?” Bond.

"I don't think he is handling it. I think he's just pushing it aside and making excuses," Greenleaf.

Gov. Sisolak’s last public statement about CARES Act funds President Trump gave Nevada to help Ashley and people like her (self-employed, gig, and 1099 workers) at a news conference in Carson City Wednesday, June 24.

”Is there anyway to speed that up. That process?” asked an unnamed reporter.

“We are working through them as fast as we possibly can. They have to be done individually and it can take 30 to 60 minutes to do one claim,” Gov. Sisolak (D) Nevada.

"Where are your children at right now?" Bond.

"They're with their dad," Greenleaf.

"Why are they with their dad?" Bond.

“I don’t have a place for them to visit me or stay with me,” Greenleaf.

When did you first apply for PUA benefits?" Bond.

"May 16," Greenleaf.

"Can you tell me about that process. How has it gone so far?" Bond.

“My dashboard says that I’ve had three different pay dates of the 12, the 15, and the 22. The 12 being my backpay. I have yet to see a dime. I’ve only made it through on the phone one time. The lady blamed me for my payments not being sent to me,” Greenleaf.

She said the DETR representative attributed the delay to when Greenleaf changed her bank information.

Greenleaf says an email was sent to her and she was told it would be handled at a later time. She says she has no idea when she could receive her benefits.

Greenleaf says she was approved for benefits and Sunday, June 28 like many others talking with Bond, her claim status changed to “active issues”.

This means she can't get payment until they are cleared up, but those issues are not listed for her to see and when she calls DETR she can't get through.

Bond contacted President Trump and the Department of Labor because so far Gov. Sisolak has not responded to his multiple questions and requests for interviews.

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