Two days from eviction and counting

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 6:24 PM PDT|Updated: Jul. 1, 2020 at 7:22 PM PDT
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NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KOLO) - A North Las Vegas mother named Joanna Rivera says she feels trapped, alone, and is afraid.

Gov. Sisolak’s order to shut down non-essential businesses took her job, but his employees at Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) are not able to provide her with timely and clear guidance about getting help.

Meanwhile, Sisolak is gradually lifting the moratorium on evictions starting Wednesday, July 1.

"It's been 16 weeks. I have not received a dime. I've been through hell and back. I don't know what to do," Rivera.

Her last day of work at the Las Vegas Convention Center was March 8.

Running out of options a reporter spoke up for people in her situation at a news conference with Gov. Sisolakt Wednesday, June 24, “Do you expect there will be some sort of ramp down (concerning the moratorium on evictions) for folks that haven’t gotten paid their unemployment checks and just have no money for this?”

”Well there’s a lot of anecdotal stories about individuals that you have unfortunately haven’t gotten their PUA or U.I. and definitely something that we are considering and we’ll have a phased in or rolled back approach as it relates to the moratorium on evictions,” Gov. Sisolak said.

"What do you think about the tone the Governor had when talking about evictions for people like yourself across the State of Nevada?" asked KOLO 8 Evening News Anchor, Noah Bond.

"He had no feeling in it. There's nothing there. It's not showing any compassion," Rivera.

“What advise do you have for the Governor?” Bond.

"Show some compassion. Go into the City Hall. Talk to the people," Rivera.

She was told to apply for pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) in Nevada and did so May 18.

She doesn’t qualify for unemployment insurance because of a her lack of work history in the State.

The following month a Nevada DETR adjudicator told her she did not qualify for this aid.

“What’s going through your heart and mind in that moment on June 11th when she sends you that?” Bond.

"I had a nervous breakdown. I started crying. I had to go back to square one again after two and a half months," Rivera.

She was told to apply for benefits in California where she moved from last year in April only to be rejected there as well she says.

”Tell me about the bills you’re not able to pay,” Bond.

"I have the NV Energy that's $412. I have my gas $117. My water bill $682. My rent, My lease it's $1,100. Where am I supposed to come up with that money?" Rivera.

Gov. Sisolak's moratorium on evictions protects Rivera, but she's allowing the eviction to move forward because her landlord says she needs the rent money to pay her bills.

“She told me if I could pay something at least until the third of this month (Friday) she will extend it until the 15th,” Rivera.

“The only people that are helping me are the Facebook Groups (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)) and they’re the only people that have compassion and care because they’re going through the same thing and it’s hard. It’s hard,” Rivera.

She says she only has $2.17 left to her name.

She says she’ll move in with her parents in California if she is evicted.

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