Carson Woman continues to bring awareness to MBC

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 4:52 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Last October we introduced you to a Carson City woman who wanted to bring attention to Metastatic Breast Cancer. That’s when the disease has spread to other parts of the body. Lily Reedy is even more determined to bring about change in awareness in the short time she has left.

“Well, I do hope they will learn more from me after I am gone,” says Lily Reedy.

Reedy is even more frail these days as she talks about her battle against Metastatic Breast Cancer.

It is one she is losing and is now receiving hospice care at her home.

But that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to bring awareness to the disease that is slowly taking the life out of her.

What she doesn’t want; women and men to focus on her end game, rather than ending this disease which takes 40,000 lives a year.

“Fight MBC,” says Lily. “Metastatic Breast Cancer, get up, get out of your chair, realize that only 5% of cancer funding goes into metastatic breast cancer,” she says.

Last October Reedy talked to us about efforts to get more attention paid to MBC.

She helped organize a meeting at Carson Tahoe Hospital where about 30 patients showed up.

From that, a support group which these days meets once or twice a month through Zoom.

“We are all tough. I think I have held my own through all this. But you want to get rid of this,” she says.

Reedy asks, “if a disease that takes 40,000 lives a year. Mostly women in their 30s and women of color, why does it receive only a small portion of the money devoted to breast cancer?”

She asks for not only more money, but more research, and more options for patients who are diagnosed with MBC.

She says she envisions a day where patients with MBC can live with it-- much like diabetes.

That is what she hopes her legacy will be.

Her husband Brian says he will carry the torch.

Lily’s parting words to us: “Life is fast, have fun, kick up your heel, and be the best person,” she says.

For the Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group, contact Terra Maddox, Oncology Patient Navigator, Carson Cancer Center.

Her phone is 775-445-7503, her email is

Contact at Living Beyond Breast Cancer is Janine Gueglielmino, 484-708-1542,

The Living Beyond Breast Cancer Group (

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