Remembering the Founder of Kids and Horses

Sam Waldman
Sam Waldman(KOLO)
Published: Dec. 20, 2019 at 8:50 PM PST
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As she dreams often of having him here to see the progress, “He was very much into riding and he had read something about a man who used his horse for his legs because he couldn't walk. That started him researching and going into the idea of hypno-therapy,” Lorri explains.

Sam Waldman founded Kids and Horses. He passed away 19 years ago from cancer, shortly after his idea became reality. "It was just volunteers and the big dream was to have an accredited facility and have teachers that were registered and accredited,” she details.

Lorri has been present every step of the way, watching the Minden nonprofit help more and more children and adults with disabilities, adding, “We have had miracles here where kids have been told they would never walk...walked and also talked.”

From fundraisers, to increased client loads and more volunteers. The community's response has nurtured late husband's dream. Licensed therapists work with children who deal with issues such as ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism.

Adults receive help who are veterans, battling Parkinson’s, recovering from an accident…among other situations.

“They know they're different in a good way. They can take care of a horse, they know how to get on and off of a horse, and they know how to handle a horse,” Lorri describes.

She is still a part of the organization, Sam's presence is too. She says the nonprofit will forever be a source of pride for her angel above, telling us, “I can see him smiling right now. Because he's always with us. That's how I feel. He knows he started a legacy that was wonderful.”

One of the biggest ways to keep the nonprofit going is through donations. Its holiday fundraiser is happening now. The nonprofit says if 10 people donate 10 dollars that 100 dollars can do so much on the six acre campus in Minden.

100 bucks can fund two adaptive riding lessons, or buy 5 bags of grain for the therapy horses. It could even supply a month's worth of fuel for the ranch equipment that maintains the property, scoops manure and feeds the horses.

Any amount is appreciated. Click this

to donate.

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