Dress for Success moving services online

Published: Apr. 8, 2020 at 11:36 PM PDT
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Like so many,

is going virtual to serve clients and celebrate one of its most prosperous programs.

April marks the one year anniversary of the Professional Women's Group program or PWG, launched by Dress for Success. It helps Northern Nevada women get a good job and goes further by offering a 12-month series of workshops for growth.

"It becomes really stressful, especially as a young professional when you're trying to for a lack of better words...make something of yourself," Lanea Warren explains. She is a PWG member. She’s also a single mom, fired without cause back in August 2019. She got wind of Dress for Success and secured a job working in sales by the fall.

"The confidence that I've gained from it has translated into my relationships both professionally and definitely within my immediate family," Warren adds.

From resume assistance to interview skills and money management, these are all crucial topics highlighted by the PWG. Warren tells us, "It’s an amazing resource hub, if it’s not just the resources in your community, it’s the resource and knowledge from the women that you surround yourself with."

There was supposed to be a huge one year celebration, but the ladies had to get together to lift each other up virtually! Because COVID-19 is impacting us all, Warren details, “I have never been in a situation, working from home for 8 hours a day, stuck to my chair with screens in front of me.”

The sessions will continue online as the nonprofit is needed now more than ever. Many clients are battling food insecurity, unemployment, depression and other obstacles.

"Without the support of the community, and individuals in the community, we would not be able to put on the programs to help women advance in their careers and that's really the mission of Dress for Success," CEO Patti Weiske tells us.

Your donations make a huge difference, because when you help a woman, you help an entire community.

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