Big dogs need assistance

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 4:56 PM PDT
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The dogs go by names like Max, Thor, and Daisey.

They are Saint Bernards, rescued and up for adoption by Saints of the West-- the largest Saint Bernard Rescue on the west coast.

For 25 years the group has picked up and rehabilitated this large breed dog.

How many have they adopted out?

“Over the years there have been over 950. All Saint Bernards,” says Lori Juenke, with Saints of the West.

Juenke sits next to Ruby, a Saint Bernard hit by a car and left to her own devices.

Saints of the West picked her up in California and brought her to Nevada where she underwent surgery and now is rehabilitating.

These days Juenke says she's getting more calls than usual inquiring about adoptions.

“Comes out at some point in the conversation, they are home, their kids are home they are bored and they want something to play with,” she says.

Boredom or working from home doesn't necessarily mean a good match with these dogs, Juenke says.

They need a lot of attention and like to be around people. As a matter of fact, they


to be around people.

Annual events which help raise money for Saints of the West as well as other small animal welfare groups are falling by the wayside this year. Yet expenses are ongoing.

Art Paws, a fundraiser for such groups, announced it will have a virtual fundraiser, and it’s looking for suggestions on just how to do that.

For Saints of the West, gas is needed to pick up food for the animals, vet care, and even transporting the animals. A donation of a prepaid gas card would help.

Shelters and foster centers in California have all temporarily shut their doors. For now, Juenke says her organization has about half the Saint Bernards they would normally have this year.

That hasn’t stopped their mission.

“In the outlying areas like Winnemucca, Fernley, Carson City, they don’t always get food,” says Juenke. “They don’t have the big non-profit status. They are little rescues and they can’t always do fundraisers or things like that, especially right now. So, each week we help them with food, or whatever we can help them with.”

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