Internship Guidelines

Gray Television Group, Inc. permits individual stations to provide internship opportunities as may be deemed appropriate in the discretion of the Station General Manager. Internships should provide participants with an opportunity to observe and participate in the operations of the Station in a manner designed to further their understanding and appreciation of the operation of a broadcast television station and the broadcast industry generally.

In order to ensure that we comply with applicable employment laws and other Gray policies, internships must comply with the guidelines as outlined below.

1. Internships must be training opportunities similar to training that would be provided in an educational environment. Training opportunities may include observations of various operational functions of the Station as well as hands-on experience where appropriate

2. The internship experience is for the benefit of the intern. Individuals may be interested in a career in broadcasting or the media or may be pursuing a course of study in a related field.

3. Interns should not displace or otherwise serve as a substitute for regular employees. Interns should work under the close supervision of existing staff.

4. The Station should not derive an immediate advantage from the activities of the intern, normal operations may occasionally be impeded by the use of interns. Internships offer an excellent opportunity to educate individuals interested in the broadcast industry and the operations of television stations. Taking the time to explain how we operate, why we do things a certain way, the functions within the Station and the role of the Station in the community will further the educational goals of the internship.

5. Interns are not entitled to employment at the conclusion of the internship.

6. Interns are not entitled to wages for time spent in the internship. There are certain programs that offer stipends or other payment in connection with internships in the broadcast industry. Participation in such programs is at the discretion of the Station General Manager. Participation in such a program must be in accordance with the rules of such program.

7. At the specific request of a Station employee, an intern may ride with such employee in a Gray or Station vehicle (excluding news ENG live trucks and satellite trucks). Under no circumstances may an intern operate any motor vehicle owned by Gray or Station, or ride in a news ENG live truck or satellite truck owned by Gray or Station.

8. Interns must be over the age of 18 and are required to sign an Internship Agreement.

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