World Cup Of Softball: Making Major Olympic Pitch

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - It's a pivotal time in the history of their sport and the members of the U.S. team at the eighth World Cup of Softball are aware of that.

The World Cup starts Thursday and also includes teams from Canada, Australia, Japan and Puerto Rico. It will be one of the last major international softball events before the International Olympic Committee meets in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Sept. 7-10.

During that meeting, either wrestling, squash or softball and baseball will be added to the program for the 2020 Olympics. U.S. softball players want to make a positive impression on the IOC voters.

U.S. player and Oklahoma star Lauren Chamberlain says the squad's goal is to show the world that softball is a great sport that deserves to be back in the Olympics, as it was from 1996 to 2008.