Warner Claims $6M FIFA Gift Was To Back Blatter

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GENEVA (AP) - Former soccer official Jack Warner says FIFA gifted him $6 million toward a training center in Trinidad to support Sepp Blatter's first election as president.

Warner claims his 1998 deal with then-FIFA President Joao Havelange ensured backing from the CONCACAF region for Blatter in his tight contest against Lennart Johansson.

Warner has published letters apparently showing Havelange agreed to convert FIFA's loan into a personal donation.

Without 30 CONCACAF's votes, Warner claims "Blatter would never have seen the light of day as President of FIFA."

Warner's ownership of the training center in Trinidad, now valued at $22.5 million and named after Havelange, led a CONCACAF-appointed integrity panel last week to accuse him of fraudulently managing the regional body.

Warner resigned from the Trinidad government last Sunday.