National Karate Championships Come to Reno

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RENO, NV - It's a chance to be called the best in the country. About 1,400 karate fighters from across the nation in Reno over the weekend competing for that title.

Men and women from coast to coast give it everything they've got to insure a spot on the U.S Karate team.

"There will be people here who have won multiple national championships, people who have placed in the world championships and the pan-am championships," said Darren Myers, a spokesperson from USA Karate.

It's for a chance to compete worldwide in November. The world championships are held every two years, but martial arts continues to grow in popularity year after year.

"People will have a chance to see where karate came from because this is where MMA came from so people will get a chance to see what karate is all about," Myers added.

Every punch, kick and yell teaches a brand new lesson.

"You can learn all these valuable lessons every time you lose or win this championship or that tournament and you really just need to practice taking those lessons in so you can learn how to create those scenarios that have worked for you.," Tom Scott, a competitor said.

Tom Scott from Dallas, Texas is no stranger to the sport. He's been fighting since he was eight years old.

"That's the age you were doing everything," he said. "I was doing soccer and football and everything. My parents saw an opportunity for some discipline and confidence and it's really taken off since then.

NOW AT 24, he's been a national champion seven times. As he racks up number eight, he's on his way to Germany, ready to take the gold.

"We're shooting for a medal."