Tokyo 2020 Bid Chief Takeda Emphasizes Safety

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TOKYO (AP) - The president of Tokyo's bid for the 2020 Olympics has emphasized the Japanese capital's safety while insisting closure had been reached over comments by the city's governor criticizing rival Istanbul.

Tsunekazu Takeda says Tokyo's bid offers certainty in uncertain times but stresses that safety was also an important aspect of the city's failed bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

Takeda also commented on Tokyo governor Naoki Inose's remarks about Istanbul, saying "Tokyo 2020 respects the IOC rules which prohibit commenting on other cities."

Takeda says "Governor Inose made remarks which he apologized for and the IOC told us the matter is closed."

Inose suggested in an interview with the New York Times that Istanbul was less developed and less equipped to host the games than Tokyo.