Time To Take College Presidents Out Of Sports?

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - The outgoing chancellor at the University of North Carolina says presidents shouldn't be in charge of running big-time sports at their institutions. It's a message that may resonate at schools facing scandals tied to athletics.

Holden Thorp will resign at the end of June to work as provost at Washington University in St. Louis. After three years of dealing with athletics-related problems in Chapel Hill, he's leaving a school that competes at the NCAA's highest level for one that competes at its lowest.

Thorp says presidents should step aside and hold their athletic directors accountable for the job. He says he's concerned for peers being distracted from their day-to-day duties overseeing schools.

Among the examples: Ohio State president Gordon Gee is retiring after making comments mocking several schools at an athletics event.