South Africa To Re-Test Over 50 'Top' Cyclists

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) - Lance Armstrong's confession has pushed South Africa's anti-doping body to retroactively test blood samples from over 50 top cyclists for EPO.

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport says it will re-test samples from cyclists who competed in all major mountain and road races in South Africa last year.

The agency says this will help it discover "if a major EPO doping problem exists in this country."

South Africa's doping body banned David George, one of the country's best riders and a former teammate of Armstrong, for two years last month for EPO use.

SAIDS chief executive Khalid Galant says "cycling is being damaged by these high-profile doping cases with a high sense of cynicism existing."

Galant says riders who doped have an opportunity to confess.