Rummenigge: Football In Cold, Snow 'Not Logical'

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PARIS (AP) - A scheduling change away from winter soccer could be coming to Europe, according to Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Rummenigge, who is also chairman of the 207-member European Club Association that lobbies for the rights of European clubs, told France Football magazine that it makes no sense that European clubs play in midwinter.

He said, "In deepest winter, when it is very cold and snowing, we play nearly all the time in conditions that are disagreeable for both players and spectators. It is not logical."

Rummenigge told France Football that FIFA and UEFA are "seriously thinking" about an overhaul of the soccer calendar so European leagues would open in January and wrap up at the end of autumn.

ECA vice chairman Umberto Gandini was not aware of the plan.