Reed Raiders Getting New Football Field

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It's officially a new era for Reed High School football. Come August, the Raiders will have a brand new field to play on, up to par with the rest of Northern Nevada.

"Now that it's almost here, I'm so excited for the kids," said Reed football coach Ernie Howren. "I feel like the kids are the ones that have really earned this."

Of course, a new football field isn't cheap. Here's the financial breakdown: $15,000 will come from Reed's athletics budget, another $15,000 from a fund generated by having a cell tower on campus, $40,000 courtesy of a donation from the E.L. Cord foundation, and all remaining costs will be picked up by the Washoe County school district.

"It's a community project," said Howren. "There were a lot of people involved that helped put this together, to get this field for the kids, and it is for the kids, again for the community. So I think that's what's cool about it, how everybody rallied together to make this happen."

One of the common misconceptions from last season was that this poor field somehow benefited the Raiders, when in fact, with Reed's up tempo style and speed game, a better playing surface probably makes this team even tougher to beat.

"We're not a grind 'em out, three yards and a cloud of dust (team)," said Howren. "We had a lot of dust on our field because of what we were playing on, but the reality is we spread out and we need to be able to cut and we need to have grass that we can push off of."

This season, they'll have that.