Playoff Scramble: Chaos, Confusion Are Kinda Fun

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The Texas Rangers are set for the playoffs, eager to break out the bats, balls and gloves for really big games.

Maybe they should log on to MapQuest, and Travelocity, too.

Because with three days left on the schedule, the postseason picture is still impossibly scrambled. An October free-for-fall, with not a single team yet certain of when, who and where it will play later this week.

Seven of the 10 playoff spots have been filled. Texas took care of three clubs Sunday - its win over the Angels assuring the Rangers, Orioles and Yankees of postseason slots.

The only in-or-out race is in the AL Central, where Detroit has a magic number of one for eliminating the Chicago White Sox. Not so clear is which clubs will be division champs and which will be wild cards.