Nevada Student Organizes 5k Run to Benefit Homeless

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University of Nevada senior Lauren Andrew has organized a 5k run to raise money and awareness for Reno's homeless community.

"The proceeds that come from the race will go directly towards helping the homeless community," said Andrew. "The ultimate goal is to get more people around our community aware of the homeless issue in Reno so that more people have the desire to lend out a helping hand."

The Race of Grace 5k, which will take place on campus April 19th, combines two of Andrew's major passions: running and helping the homeless.

"I've been running for a few years," Andrew says. "I've done a couple half marathons, different 5k races, and a triathalon, so I love that. I love the community aspect of running and so I think getting our community involved with that and getting people out and involved on campus is a really awesome idea. People like to run and they like to give back."

Andrew has been involved with the homeless in Reno for a few years now, and she says it is an issue that is often overlooked.

"People don't really pay attention to it a lot of times, so when I heard of an opportunity to serve and give back, I was excited about that. The more I got involved, the more I saw the heart that these people have for the homeless. It's my job to serve in whatever way I can. I've been blessed with a lot and I want to give back."

The run will take place Saturday, April 19 at 10:00 am on campus and will cost fifteen dollars. For more information, visit