Reaction: Nevada Loses Cannon to UNLV

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RENO, NV - It was a stunning defeat for Nevada, falling to in-state rival UNLV. Now Pack fans are asking what went wrong?

The morale on campus is low, much different from Saturday. Nevada students are licking their wounds after an upsetting loss against their biggest rival, UNLV.

"I thought we were going to win by a lot, but it proves that most of us were wrong," UNR junior James Cuthpert said.

"This one definitely hurt the most since we haven't lost to them in eight years," Roman Downing, UNR sophomore, said.

It's the big showdown that students from opposing schools look forward to every year, all vying for bragging rights and the Fremont cannon that has been painted blue since 2004. That all changed this year.

"I have some friends back in Vegas and they're all rubbing it in and stuff to me on Twitter," Downing added.

'It is disappointing; now the cannon is going to be red," Cuthpert said.

It was a bitter end to homecoming week for many students, but it was all smiles for two lone Rebels lurking in Pack territory.

"Hey, eight years is a long time to bring the cannon back home," Randon Marcos, UNLV alumnus, said. "It's all friendly competition; some people might take it too personal, but it's just sports."

"I did not expect to win," Bryan Penalosa, UNLV alumnus and current UNR Medical student, said. "I came in thinking that it would be another blowout, but I was very surprised and very happy about it.

UNLV may have come out on top this time, but Pack fans say the strength of the Pack goes unrivaled.

"We're still good; it was just an off game," Megan Weeks, UNR sophomore, said. "I've still got the spirit in me."