Minot Players Arrested on Drug Charges, One Facing Attempted Murder

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MINOT, N.D. (AP) - Four Minot State University football players have been arrested on misdemeanor drug charges and a fifth player has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly knocking a police officer unconscious during a fight while trying to get away.

Police Capt. John Klug told KXMC-TV that officers hurt Friday night were responding to a report of suspected drug use happening in a vehicle parked off-campus in the northwestern North Dakota city.

Klug says linebacker Jesse Ili tried fleeing and brawled with officers when they caught up to him. He says Ili, who played last season for Division I Fresno State University before transferring to Division II Minot State, knocked one officer unconscious and inflicted minor injuries on the other. They are both recovering.

Minot State has suspended the five players.