March Madness: How to Build a Winning Bracket

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RENO, Nev. -- The madness is here. People are talking about "brackets" and "seedings," even President Obama takes part in the madness. Whether you're joining an office pool or just filling out a bracket for fun, you don't have to be a basketball expert to participate and build a successful bracket.

Regulars the the Silver Legacy sports book say the best things to do is to to bet with your head, not with your heart and not to base your picks on the best teams because it rarely works.

Advice is everywhere this time of year, as even the most casual fan pours over, and fills out their annual NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket.

"There's a lot of parody this weekend. If you were in the top 5, you were out of the top 5 the next week," John Pinto, Silver Legacy sports book manger said. anybody can beat anybody this year.

Worried about your picks? Don't be. The odds of getting a perfect bracket are very low, so why now follow some of the unusual strategies of those in our KOLO pool?

"It doesn't matter the seed. The team with the fewer losses is the one I pick to win the game," Sarah Johns, KOLO 8 News Now evening anchor said.

"If I have a lot of teams that I'm trying to narrow it down, I always try the 8 ball and when I get down to the final four I just throw a dart at the wall and see what happens," Frank Leto, KOLO 8 News Now creative director said.

Pinto says upsets are inevitable and the underdogs have a 65 percent chance of winning.

"There's no science. Especially this year, there's no elite teams, there's no really poor team and points spread in every game."

Each year, about 100 million Americans fill out NCAA brackets, generating about $3 billion dollars in online and office bracket pools.

If you want to cash in, here are some trends Pinto says could help you fill out your bracket.

1. No. 12 seeds have always beat a No. 5 seed.
2. No. 16 seeds have never won in the first round.
3. No. 1 seeds almost always make it through the Sweet 16 and into the Elite 8.

Pinto also says that the wages in the first four days of March Madness exceed those in the Superbowl.

"It's up for grabs this year...should be very exciting basketball."

You have until Thursday morning to fill out your brackets before the tournament begins.

So whether you pick teams based on uniform colors or the team with the toughest mascot, there is no method to this madness.

To download a free bracket, click on the link below.