Loyal Fans Fill Bars with Heated Rivalry

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SPARKS, NV - Niners and Packers fans filled Reno-area bars Sunday to watch the big playoff showdown. The Niners nabbed the win and advance into the playoffs for the second consecutive year, which means more people are catching Kap fever. However, it's the loyal fans who keep the historic rivalry alive.

"I was in first grade when they won their first Superbowl in '81; ever since then I have been a 49ers fan," Russ McKee of Sparks said.

"From the time I was born, I was raised on the Packers," Dave Jackson of Reno said.

These fans have stuck with their teams through thick and thin. For some, the love affair roots back to even before they knew what "Super Bowl" even meant.

"Everything that went wrong for the longest time, it's been great to watch and now everything that's going right for us, it's even more rewarding," said a Niners fan.

"From being so little and watching with your parents you kind of just learn the game," a Niners fan said. "Once football starts it's on until the end."

A sea of red and green flooded a Bully's bar as each enthusiastic fan proudly sported his or her best Niners and Packers attire. As two of the oldest teams in the league duked it out in freezing cold temperatures to keep their season alive, local fans heated the bars with words of encouragement.

"I support Kap 100%, but I got to go where my heart is," Jackson said.

"Throw that cheese back in the refrigerator because it's going to melt," said a Niners fan.

With local athlete Colin Kaepernick leading his Niners into victory, Kap fever continues to rise in a growing Niners' country.

"It's kind of interesting to see how people just jump right on once they're doing well, but it's great to see so we keep on supporting the Niners," Niners fan said.

Win or lose, these die hards find their strength in numbers. The 49ers face the Carolina Panthers Sunday, January 12.