Kaepernick Could Win Red Robin for Life!

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SAN FRANCISCO - There's more than just a world title at stake for Colin Kaepernick this weekend. If he wins the Super Bowl, he will get free food from Red Robin for life!

Kaepernick is reportedly a big fan of the restaurant chain and their hamburgers. Red Robin CEO Steve Carley, put an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle today promising the deal in return for a Super Bowl victory.

Here's part of the ad:

"Dear Colin:

We’ve seen your name being thrown around the news quite a lot lately, and everyone at Red Robin is ecstatic that you’re a fan of our craveable burgers and our restaurant is a “favorite haunt of [yours].” Let’s just say there has been an abundance of bicep kissing and screams of “touchdown!” among our Red Robin Team Members lately.

We can imagine how focused you must be on the big game this Sunday, but as you prepare to lead your teammates to victory on the field, we wanted to offer an additional incentive in return for your love of Red Robin. And since we’ve already got the ‘Red’ covered for The Red and Gold, we thought you needed something gold.

So here’s our golden offer: If you emerge as the winning QB on Sunday, we’ll give you free Red Robin for life. We’re game — are you?"

If the 49ers win, the restaurant chain will also offer customers in the San Francisco area a "buy one, get one free" deal on their Tavern Double Burger.