Hug's Cain Invited to Baseball Showcase for Second Straight Year

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As Yogi Berra would say, it's like déjà vu all over again for Nathan Cain. For the second straight year, the Hug High senior catcher has been invited to the Blue-Grey Classic in Tempe, Arizona, a two-day event featuring some of the best high school baseball players in the country.

"It makes me feel good about myself, not only as a person, but as a player as well," Cain said. "It makes me feel like I'm a good player if people recognize me for my skills."

"It's a big deal for him," said Hug head coach Danny Rogers. "Especially because a lot of our kids haven't really played baseball their entire lives and haven't played at a top level like some of the kids he's going to go down and play with. It's just a different level of baseball and it's good for him to experience that."

The event serves as a great opportunity to earn a college scholarship, as about twenty colleges are expected to be represented, along with a number of Major League Baseball scouts.

"It's huge just to get out there and get my name recognized," said Cain.

"We don't have scouts come watch us all the time," added Rogers. "We've been a traditionally lower-level program and it's big to have an opportunity like that."

During the 21 years the Blue-Grey Classic has been in existence, almost 70 percent of participants have gone on to earn at least a partial college scholarship.

"It's a huge opportunity," said Rogers. "He probably won't be able to afford college without financial aid, and baseball is a huge avenue for him to go after that opportunity."