Gatlin Likes Boasting Ahead Of Race With Bolt

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ROME (AP) - The way Justin Gatlin sees it, trash talking is the lifeblood of the most glamorous race on the track. And if that doesn't go down well with Usain Bolt, so be it.

The American sprinter, who will face Bolt in the 100 meters at the Golden Gala on Thursday, has been boasting after running under 10 seconds in two Diamond League meets this year.

Meanwhile, Bolt narrowly won his only 100 this season in a relatively slow 10.09 in the Cayman Islands a month ago.

Gatlin says, "You see us for nine seconds and then we're off the track. ... So this is the only way you're going to hear what we say. ... I like talking about it. I like getting into it. ... Sorry, Usain."