Former Colorado Coach Defends Embree

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BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - Colorado's fiery former coach didn't take long to raise his voice as he came to the defense of Jon Embree.

Unsolicited, Bill McCartney stood in front of a group of boosters on Tuesday, imploring - no, demanding - that fans give the second-year CU coach some breathing room.

Just 16 games into his regime and Embree is already feeling plenty of heat. Falling to rival Colorado State was bad enough, but then the beleaguered Buffaloes were beaten by FCS-level Sacramento State and trounced 69-14 at Fresno State.

McCartney, revered around these parts for leading Colorado to a national title in 1990, understands the frustration. He even acknowledged the Buffs may be "in over our heads right now." But McCartney believes Embree can turn around the program if given time.