CONI To Question Bertagnolli On Report On Ferrari

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ROME (AP) - Recently retired cyclist Leonardo Bertagnolli has been called in for a hearing with the Italian Olympic Committee's anti-doping prosecutor after revealing details of banned drug use supervised by Lance Armstrong's former doctor.

Bertagnolli's testimony before Padua prosecutor Benedetto Roberti in May 2011 was included in the United States Anti-Doping Association's report against Armstrong.

Bertagnolli says he began working with banned physician Dr. Michele Ferrari in 2007 after getting permission from Liquigas team manager Roberto Amadio and team doctor Roberto Corsetti, and that he paid Ferrari $15,500 per year. He says several teammates also saw Ferrari.

Bertagnolli retired in June after the UCI opened disciplinary action against him for suspected blood doping.

CONI's anti-doping prosecutor is seeking a three-year ban for Bertagnolli.

Liquigas says it was not involved.